Abandoned Mines - is one of the easiest Adventure Huts where you will encounter slaves which have a weak and slow attack.

The terrain is mostly mountains.

Bonuses What one can obtain after exploring an adventure hut:

  • Resources: Either all resources in equal portions 30k to 65k of each resource or 75k to 150k of one resource that will be unique to each of the given adventure huts.
  • One attack or life point for the hero who completed the exploration.
  • Hero experience in discrete "%" amounts.
  • Artifacts.

You will only get 'one' of the prizes listed above.

Exploration The exploration can last from 20-30 minutes to 2 hours. 

It is only possible to explore an Adventure Hut once a day. If anyone has already explored the Adventure Hut within that day, you will need to wait for 24 hours before the same Adventure Hut can be explored once again.

If you have already explored an Adventure Hut and wish to explore it again, you must first leave and then return.  If you have started to explore and the timer shows a long period, for example, 20 hours or 5 hours, this means that the AH has been explored less than 24 hours ago and you will either need to wait for the required time to elapse or leave and come back in 18 hours (3 hours) so that your exploration runs shorter. 

Before you begin to explore, make certain that your exploring hero has a free slot in his artefact inventory; Otherwise if an artefact or an ingredient is obtained from the exploration, it will be lost and you will get a log saying that you found nothing. 

The continuously spawning mobs that are guarding the Adventure Hut will be attacking you while you are there.</span>